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Friday 17th - Sunday 18th November 2017 - Weekend Meet - The Borders

11 attended, staying at Kailzie Bunkhouse, near Peebles, which we shared with a group of Northern Irish mountain bikers.
Saturday: A fine clear day, but a strong westerly wind. There were 3 groups out.
A group of 4 stayed local and tackled the longest walk of the day: - the Dun Rig horseshoe from Peebles. Left from Peebles at 09:30 and climbed Kirkhope Law, Birkscairn Hill, Dun Rig (744m), Glenrath Heights, Hundleshope Heights and descended by Preston Law to Newby Kipps. That included 3 "Donalds". One of the group even had a detour to climb another Donald, Stob Law, managing to catch up with the others on the descent. They got back to Peebles at 17:00. (20.5k, 940m , 7.5 hours). Before returning to the bunkhouse, the group headed to Sainsbury's where one of the group made a navigational error and went out the wrong door!
The rest headed south on the A708. A group of 5 climbed past the Grey Mare's Tail to Loch Skeen, onto Firthybrig Head, Firthope Rig and onto White Coomb (821m). They retraced their steps to Firthope Rig, and dropped into Rotten Bottom (Google "Longbow" for some history), making their way to Saddle Yoke and dropped to the car at Capplegill. (15k, 920m, 6 hours).
A group of 2 completed the classic Black Hope Round starting from Capplegill. They climbed to Swatte Fell, then out to Hart Fell (808m), rounded to HartFell Riggs and then returned via Saddle Yoke, where they met up with the White Coomb group. (13.5k, 940m, 5.5 hours)
Sunday: A fine frosty morning with brilliant visibility. A group of 7 headed to Yarrowford. They passed the old Broadmeadows youth hostel, and climbed to the Three Brethren ( 3 massive cairns - see photo). This is on the Southern Upland Way. The Tweed Valley Ultra running event was being held that day and the group observed some of the competitors tackle the 40 mile route as they passed the Brethren. The group's route then went west following the Way until Brown Knowe (523m). They descended by Wallace's Trench (historical) to the Minchmoor Road (an ancient road) and followed this back to Yarrowford. (13.8k, 550m, 4.5 hours).
Meanwhile, a group of 4 headed up the Tweed from Peebles. They crossed an old arched railway bridge after investigating a long and very dark railway tunnel. They returned down the north bank under the precarious looking Neidpath Castle. (5k).

Sunday 12th November 2017 - Day Meet - Glen Esk

11 attended. 9 members were joined by 2 ex-members (Kate Fewell & John Beales, over from Australia). The group left Edzell at 07:45 and were walking from Invermark at 08:30. There was a very strong north wind which made it bitterly cold. The walk took the track through Auchronie Farm, and climbed to Hill of Kirny and then onto Hill of Saughs. Here one member set off for lunch in Edzell (under his wife's orders). The remainder carried on northwards straight into the wind. By this time snow showers were coming through, blowing horizontally into their faces. Just before Hill of Gairney, another member called it quits and headed back to the cars. The group reached Hill of Gairney (756m) at 11:05. They decided to carry on, now walking westwards with the gale force wind hitting them side on. They reached the boundary stone on Naked Hill (see photo). At this point several of the lighter members were being blown off their feet, so it was decided to abandon the original walk (Braid Cairn and Mount Keen were to be next). The group headed cross country for the path used for their ascent. Lunch was had in a sheltered hollow and the cars were reached at 14:00. Total distance walked was 18.2k, with ascent of 590m. A very testing day, that left everyone with glowing cheeks. Most of the group stopped in the Panmure Arms, Edzell for a welcome coffee/tea (and 3 had gigantic scones!).

Monday 6th November 2017 - Open Meeting

Forfar Fire Station, 19:30. 19 attended the open meeting. At the end of the meeting, Bill Dryburgh was presented with the Munroist's scroll. Afterwards, 18 took part in a quiz organized by John Dawson, who unfortunately couldn't be present. 6 teams of 3 were drawn, and they tried to find answers to 30 photographic questions. The scores were all fairly close ranging from 20 to 26. The winning team was Penny, Bill D and Colin.

Next Meeting : Monday 4th December

19:30 at Forfar Fire Station. Open Meeting followed by an indoor games night.

Next Day Meet : Sunday 10th December - Sgor Mor, Linn o' Dee

By shared cars, leaving Myre car park at 07:00. Details to follow.

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